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Marstallplatz-Süd, München
City West, Frankfurt am Main
Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Oberbaum City, Berlin
Good buildings call for good developers
"In an age of standardisation and anonymous committees, it is good to work with clients who demonstrate the courage and readiness to take new routes in order to achieve the very best, and who are determined to make every new building into something out of the ordinary.
That description definitely applies to G. Dreyer Planungsgesellschaft mbH. A handpicked and highly experienced interdisciplinary team, prepared to act on their own initiative, to assume personal responsibility and be a strong guiding presence. A team of people who establish clearcut standards but give the architects and engineers the scope to deploy their competence. A fast-response team who never lose sight of what really matters.
We hold weekly discussions on function, design, costs and benefits - with quality as our yardstick. Design, planning and documentation are largely paperless procedures, with carefully structured CAFM guidelines making the complex processes totally transparent for all concerned. The professional collaboration of those involved and the high degree of mutual trust form the foundation for the success of gdp and its specialists.
The short decision-making processes, the good communication, the competence and precision, provide constant encouragement for both sides and generate real team spirit. It is highly motivating when it takes just a year from the draft zoning plan to the commencement of building on Munich's Marstallplatz. Six months from the first telephone call to the excavation of the building pit for a highrise building - that sets new standards.
Ultimately, though, it is the personal trust that is most important to us; it is simply a very positive experience to complete good projects with good partners."
Oliver Kühn
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt BDA
für Gewers Kühn & Kühn
Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH
G. Dreyer Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Bernadottestraße 28, 14195 Berlin, Tel +49 (0)30/310120-02, Fax -08,