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Volta Center
Volta Center

City West, Frankfurt am Main
Volta Center, City West
The Volta Center - right in the heart of the City West district development - is situated between Voltastrasse to the north and Franklinstraße to the south. It is an office and apartment complex with highgrade appointments and a threelevel underground garage. It consists of four buildings: the residential block with 60 apartments and three office buildings.
The main entrances to the office buildings with their two-storey foyers are on Franklinstraße. Inside, the Volta Center conveys a parklike atmosphere, with impressive open areas of green and water. Forming the centre of the public space is a water cascade with underwater lighting, bridges and wooden decks. A varied facade with offset balconies and a curtaintype glass shield facing onto Voltastraße contrasts with the more austere, horizontally structured cubes of the eightstorey office building. The two-storey base is clad in homogeneous grey natural stone.
Investor VCI Volta Center Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH
Architects Braun & Voigt GmbH
Start of construction
Offices 07-1999
Apartments 07-1999
Offices 11-2001
Apartments 01-2002
Site area 8,255 m²
Floor area
Offices 19,198 m²
Apartments 6,405 m²
Use concept (lettable area)  
Office premises + storage 17,202 m²
Retail / catering premises 650 m²
Apartments approx. 60
Other areas
Offices Zürich Versicherungen
Apartments Vermietung
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