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Athlon Place
Athlon Place

City West, Frankfurt am Main
Athlon Place, City West
In today's mobile, dynamic society, the demands placed on the quality of living are growing all the time. People are looking for favourably priced apartments that are close to the city centre, situated in a quiet but nonetheless interesting, lively neighbourhood that provides easy access to areas of green and to nature.
The Athlon Place project, consisting of five residential buildings in Frankfurt am Main's City West district, meets these demands. Two U-shaped housing complexes open southwards into a leafy boulevard. On the ground floor are shops and stores serving the everyday needs of the occupants. On the sides aligned to the pocket parks are restaurants and cafés. The roofs are planted. The three buildings along Ohmstraße are separated from the comb-shaped office structure to the north by an open area of grass and shrubs.
The office building provides new premises for the insurance company Zürich Agrippina Versicherung. With a length of 170 m, the building could almost be described as a "horizontal tower". The long roadside front is broken up by striking two-storey entrance areas. The dark clinker used for the lattice facades recalls the typical architecture of this former industrial/commercial complex.
Investor Saphira GmbH & Co. KG
Architects Köhler Architekten
Start of construction
Offices 01-1999
Apartments 02-1996
Offices 02-2000
Apartments 12-1999
Site area 21,404 qm
Floor area  
Offices 32,273 qm
Apartments 44,186 qm
Use concept (lettable area)  
Office premises + storage 31,451 qm
Retail / catering premises 1,810 qm
Apartments approx. 400
Other areas
Offices Zürich Versicherungen
Apartments Owner-occupied flats/renting
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